Just Jane: An AP Original Series

Just Jane: An AP Original Series
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

American Girl Place L.A.

While I was in L.A., I visited the American Girl Place Los Angeles (of course). This may sound very surprising, but the place was empty! There were hardly any shoppers beside myself. I didn't find AGP L.A. as exciting as the Chicago one. Maybe this is becuase I've visited the Chicago one so many times I've connected it with happy memories, but the Los Angeles store seemed boring to me. I bought Rebecca there, though, and I'm happy to have added an eighth girl to my AG collection!

Los Angeles & Hollywood Trip

I haven't posted in the longest time. I kind of forgot abou this blog...anyway, I went on a trip to California in June. I stayed in a hotel just on the outskirts of downtown L.A. I also got to go down to Hollywood Boulevard, where I saw all of the stars and Gruaman's theatre and all that. By the way, if you're ever there, be sure to eat at Cafe Audrey, dedicated to Audrey Hepburn! I also visited Hollywood Forever Cemetery, hoping to find the burial sites of movie stars. But no. We couldn't find any. But I still got some cool photos from the place.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THE CLIQUE: Bratz Version - Remake

Angeline Productions is proud to announce its remake of their older series "The Clique: Bratz Version" based on the novel by Lisi Harrison. It was removed from YouTube in November of 2009, and had nearly 30,000 views. It was removed merely because it was an old movie, particularly not well made, and was being brutally critisized by Clique fans complaining of the dolls. But I promise this time to make the film much more professional, so that Clique fans, Brat fans, and anyone looking for a fun YouTube video won't be dissapointed. Of course Bratz will be portraying Lisi's fabulous characters, but it is all in the fun of creative expression.

Pullip dolls - Holly and Prunella - Review

On Thursday, March 4, two new Pullip dolls arrived at my house: Holly and Prunella (who I renamed Audrey and Tiffany).

Holly (one of the Audrey Hepburn models) I was a bit dissapointed with because her arm came very loose, as well as her head, and her accesories really aren't of greatest quality. But all in all, Holly is a gorgeous doll, and I have no regrets purchasing her. She arrives in a sleek black dress (which is very beautiful and adorned with a bow) and black tights, a faux-pearl chocker (the only accesory I adore, it is very beautiful and real-looking), black high heels (which I was also a bit dissapointed in, because they are a little too big for her feet and always fall off. It was very difficult to get them to stay on while I was attempting to put her on her stand), a black sun hat (which is also very cute, and has a white ribbon lining), a black purse, and a pair of black oversized ray-bans (the lens popped out as soon as I took them out of her box, and one of the lens won't go back in. They were also very loose, and are crooked on her face). Overall, Holly is a beautiful doll, but her accesories pretty much are a dissapointment in quality.

Prunella, however, was nearly perfect. I must say she is a gorgeous doll and her makeup and stock outfit is quite impressive. Her outfit consists of three skirts, a ruffled tee, a black cardigan, white socks, black platform shoes, a belt, a chocker, a purse, and a hat. Not only does she come with so many accesories, but she also comes with a little bag for you and a small booklet of other n. Hoato collabs with Jun Planning. Her stand is also not of the ordinary, it is black with a gothic design on it, and it is very firm.

You can't go wrong with either doll. I would definitely recommend both for any doll collection.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Liv Doll - Sophie

For Christmas, I received a Liv Doll - Sophie. "Liv" dolls are a brand new line of dolls. So far, there are 4: Sophie, Daniela, Katie, and Alexis. They are about the size of a Barbie doll, but they are much more special: each doll comes with an online code to livworld.com. (Unfortunately, mine was accidentally thrown out so I never got to go to the online part of it. Haha). Each doll also comes with her own outfit, accesories, and a seperated wig! You can also purchase new outfits, accesories, and wigs for your Liv if you're getting a bit bored with her look. Another positive about Liv is that the doll's limbs are ball-jointed. That means you can bend their arms at the elbows and their legs at the knees to pose them in various positions. These dolls are a great buy for any girl or doll collector. They have a Barbie-like body, Pullip-like ball joints, Bratz-like sass and fashion and American Girl-like stories!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chicago - Giant Gingerbread House!

After reading my first Chicago post, you probably wanted to see the giant gingerbread house, right? Well, here it is. Me and my brother Leo inside a giant gingerbread house in the Chicago Hilton hotel.